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In general I’m offering two cathegories of rooms: rehearsal rooms for Bands and practice rooms for single musicians. All bandrooms are eaquipped with a drumset, a small PA (Mixer with Amp and Speakers), 2 guitar Amps and a bass amp. Anyone who doesn’t know how to use the equipment can feel free to ask me, oral explanations or the users manual of the pruducer are part of my service. You should bring the following items with, if you intend to use them: your instruments (except drums) and cables, microphones, drumsticks, plecs, picks, tuners, recording devices etc. In some of the bandrooms there is a refridgerator, so that you can drink something cool at a hot session, don’t forget to bring the drinks with you. The practising rooms are equipped with a drumset and a PA for playing playbacks. In one of these rooms the drumset is set up for lefthanded players. You may practise any instrument in here, the rooms are not limited to drumming.
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In each rehearsal room for bands the following is availible: drumset 2 guitar amps Bassamp Small PA (suitable for vocals, keyboards and acoustic guitar) You will have to bring some stuff of your own if needed: your instruments mikrophones, cabels, tuners… strings, sticks, plecs… Most of it can be bought at Franks Musikladen though.